The practice of custom residential design is an art that Levin/Brown has nurtured throughout its twenty five year history.

We participate with our clients at the inception of a project where we analyze site opportunities and constraints, assist in the creation of a building program and evaluate the aesthetic direction for the home. With this information in hand, we work through the design process with our client and any members of their team until we obtain the functional and creative results they are striving for. Our efforts then concentrate on the creation of a set of construction drawings that achieves the same high standards that we set for our design.


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Contemporary residential design can be conceived in many ways; as the quintessential white box, rustic or tailored stone and wood houses or the modern adaptation of rural architecture to name just a few. We have successfully interpreted these diverse styles for our clients to create homes that represent a new standard in custom residential design.


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Our experience with traditional residential design includes the renovation and addition to existing properties, new homes that accurately reflect historic period styles and transitional designs that convey a sense of age. Interior and exterior detailing is considered to insure that a holistic solution is achieved.