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Read all about our latest trends in Style-Aging in Place April 2021 featured in Baltimore’s Style Magazine – Rebecca Kent

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“Renovating a home depends on your personal preferences, but you can think about some design considerations. We spoke with Vice President and Principal architect Rebecca (Becky) Kent from Levin/Brown Architects:”

“Kent explains that it’s best to think ahead and prepare the house now. Widen doorways, place laundry facilities on the first floor so that you don’t have to worry about going up and down stairs to do laundry and reinforce walls so that when you need to add grab bars to the bathroom, for example, the walls are prepared for your needs.
Room renovation
One of Kent’s primary concerns is rethinking your home’s layout and prioritizing first-floor
accessibility. She explains that people often aim to preemptively move their bedroom to the first
floor, whether this decision means converting a downstairs room or building an addition to a house.
“An accessible bathroom is usually part of that. While it doesn’t necessarily need to have grab
bars yet, we usually make it large enough to easily accommodate a wheelchair or a walker,”
Kent explains.”

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